Skin peels involve the application of a solution to the skin to remove the damaged outer layers. They can be used to treat acne, pigmentation, wrinkles and sun damage. Different agents and concentrations are used to restore a softness and glow to the skin.

Superficial skin peels remove the upper layers of damaged skin. Healthier skin cells from below are revealed, uneven pigmentation is improved and skin feels softer and smoother.

Deeper skin peels provide the benefits of a superficial peel and stimulate collagen production. This is particularly beneficial for the improvement of scarring.

We will carefully assess your skin to determine the peel strength and depth. The risks, benefits, recovery, downtime and expected results will be discussed at your consultation.

Skin preparation is needed in the 2-4 weeks prior to skin peels to achieve optimal results, to promote healing and to reduce the risks of complications. A pre treatment regime will be addressed at your consultation.

A course of 3-4 peels is recommended for best results at 4 weekly intervals. Combine a Skin Peel with Skin Needling for even better results.

The treatment takes about an hour with initial redness like mild sunburn. During the healing phase skin may appear dry and flakey, so it is best to plan this treatment at least 3-4 weeks outside of special engagements.



$90.00 per treatment area (face, neck, décolletage)

Add a skin brightening treatment $30.00

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