lipodissolve fat reduction and sculpting

Lipodissolve™ (Phosphatidycholine PPC) is a non surgical alternative to liposuction for fat deposits that are resistant to diet and exercise. 

PPC is a natural product found in our body where it is used to break down and emulsify fat. The PPC used in Lipodissolve™ is derived from soybeans and has been used in the cosmetic and medical spheres for more than 10 years. Cosmetically it is injected into targeted fat deposits.

Great for sculpting fat of the:
  • Chin and jowls
  • Abdomen
  • Thighs (inner and outer)
  • Buttocks
  • Arms
  • Love handles
  • Back
  • Knees

Lipodissolve™ can assist in improving the appearance of cellulite.

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Questions we can answer?

we want you to make a confident and informed decision

What is Lipodissolve?
Phosphatidycholine (PPC) is a natural product found in our body where it is used to break down and emulsify fat for excretion by the liver.

Lipodissolve uses PPC sourced from soybeans and is injected to reduce fat areas.

It is not indicated as a fat loss solution but rather for this hard to budge areas that have been resistant to diet and exercise.

PPC has been used in the medical field for over 10 years to dissolve cholesterol plaques in heart disease and to dissolve fat embolism.

What happens at my first visit?
Set aside 1 to 1.5 hours for your first visit. It  is important to remember injectable treatments are a medical procedure.

We will ask you to complete a health questionnaire on arrival.

We like our clients to know why changes happen over time and why that influences the choice of  treatments now and into the future.

We will measure and photograph the area to be treated.

Treatment can be done on the same day but some clients like to take some time to consider the information provided. What matters most to us is you have all the information needed to make a decision that you feel happy and confident about.

What should I do before my treatment?
Please bring a list of all you prescribed and over the counter medications.

Please cleanse your face before arriving and  come make up free.

Wear loose clothing.

Have something to eat and be well hydrated.

Will it hurt?
Prior to treatment we clean the skin thoroughly and apply a local anaesthetic cream to the skin.

Lipodissolve is injected using very fine needles. It is common to experience a warm tingly feeling at the time of injection.

It is common for the area to feel tender after treatment but Paracetamol should be sufficient to reduce this.


What are the potential side effects and complications?
It is important for us to discuss your health history as Lipodissolve may not be suitable for people;

  • pregnant or planning to become pregnant
  • breast feeding
  • with active infection in the area to be treated
  • who are unwell at the time of treatment
  • who are have high blood pressure
  • Who have liver or kidney conditions
  • who have auto immune disease
  • who have an allergy to the known components of the product including soybeans.
  • under age 18yrs


  • redness at the injection site
  • swelling
  • bruising is a possibility any time the skin is pierced.
  • tenderness
  • temporary lumps
  • nausea
  • diarrhoea
  • fever

Swelling is most noticeable after the first treatment as there are more fat cells.


  • Infection at the injection site is rare
  • Allergy to the product or its components is rare.

Your safety is paramount. This is why we take time at your consultation to know your health history, assess the potential for complication and discuss the treatment fully with you. Remember Lipodissolve  treatment is a medical procedure. While complications are rare it is essential for you to make an informed medical consent.

We use best practice techniques to provide the safest environment and procedure.

Please plan your treatment away from  important events.

How long will it last?
Several factors influence the longevity of your treatment;

  • Your general health and skin health
  • The area being treated
  • The amount of Lipodissolve used

While the fat reduction is essentially permanent any changes to lifestyle factors like weight gain and reduction in exercise can allow your body to produce more fat.

When will I see a result?
While you may notice a change after one treatment, several treatments are required at 4 week intervals to  obtain the desired effect.

As a guide, 3-7 treatments are generally needed to obtain the desired result.

Over the weeks after treatment the area will tighten and targeted fat is excreted via the liver.

In a small group of people there have been no noticeable results. We will assess the outcome at each visit.

Lipodissolve is cost effective. Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) prohibits the advertising of prescription treatment. We are happy to discuss pricing with you.