wrinkle injections

Wrinkle injections commonly target facial expression muscles:
  • of the forehead
  • between the eyebrows (frown)
  • around the eyes (crows feet)
  • of the nose (bunny lines)

Wrinkle injections used for other muscles:
  • of the mouth corners to reduce a ‘sad face’ appearance
  • near the nose to improve gummy smile
  • around the lips to improve pout and soften wrinkles around the mouth
  • of the chin to soften dimpling and creasing
  • of the neck muscle bands (platysma) to reduce downward pull/jowls of lower face
  • of chewing muscle (masseter) to soften a square looking jaw line and
  • to relieve teeth grinding and associated headache
  • to relieve migraine symptoms
  • Anti wrinkle injections can be used to effectively treat excessive underarm sweating (hyperhydrosis)

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Questions we can answer?

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What are anti wrinkle injections?
Anti wrinkle injections are made of  Botulinum Toxin (a purified protein) which temporarily blocks the chemical message between the nerve and the muscle.

We assess the skin integrity and the strength of the muscle area to be treated for skin integrity,  Brand names are Dysport, Botox and Xeomin.

What happens at my first visit?
Set aside 1 to 1.5 hours for your first visit. It  is important to remember injectable treatments are a medical procedure. We will ask you to complete a health questionnaire on arrival. We like our clients to know how their faces change over time and why that influences the choice of  treatments now and into the future. Treatment can be done on the same day but some clients like to take some time to consider the information provided. What matters most to us is you have all the information needed to make a decision that you feel happy and confident about.

When will I see a result?
Anti wrinkle injections take 2-5 days to start to have an effect. The maximum effect is reached 2 weeks after treatment. Over this time the strength of the muscle reduces and the skin does not squash together as readily.

In younger people lines and wrinkles appear when they make an expression and disappear when the face is relaxed. We call these DYNAMIC lines. In older people these lines remain even when the face is relaxed. We call these STATIC lines.

Anti wrinkle treatment in younger people is a way of preventing DYNAMIC lines becoming STATIC lines. In older people with STATIC lines we expect to see these soften over time rather than disappear after one treatment.

What are the potential side effects and complications?
It is important for us to discuss your health history as anti wrinkle injections may not suitable for people;

  • pregnant or planning to become pregnant
  • breast feeding
  • who a have a neuro muscular disorder
  • who have an allergy to the known components of the product
  • under age 18yrs


Research shows it is common for people to experience headache following  anti wrinkle injections to the forehead and frown area.

Bruising is a possibility any time the skin is pierced. If a bruise were to occur it would appear as a small spot and blendable by the use of  concealer.

Brow or lid ptosis refers to relaxing the muscles of the forehead or frown causing the eyebrow or eyelid to sit too low. It is very uncommon but possible. These resolve  to normal position and function as the  product wears off.

Infection at the injection site is rare.

Allergy to the product or is components is rare.


We will always tailor an amount of anti wrinkle injection for you. We prefer to take a conservative approach with initial treatments to determine the best therapeutic dose for you. We can always add more if required. (We would prefer you did not pay for an amount you did not need). Understanding this, there is a possibility the desired effect is not reached straight way. Give us time to know what is your best fit.

Many of our clients plan their treatment around special events. Remember anti wrinkle injections take 2 weeks to reach their maximum effect. Static lines can take up to 1-2 years to soften. We can tailor combination treatments to help achieve your goals.

Will it hurt?
Anti wrinkle injections are injected with a very fine needle. Prior to the injection we will clean th skin and provide an ice pack to make it more comfortable. There is an initial sting lasting a couple of seconds.

Expect to see small red bumps at the injection site. These generally resolve within an hour and do not stop you from going about your day.

Bruising is possible. If this occurs foundation or concealer would be enough to cover the small spot.

How long will it last?
The longevity of anti wrinkle injection action does vary from person to person. Generally re treating 12-14 weeks later allows the best long term result. Re treating at longer periods puts the skin under the forces of the muscles and prevents the wrinkle from softening over time.

Over due course, with regular treatment, the anti wrinkle injections tend to last longer and often the dose can be reduced.

There are several anti wrinkle injection products on the market and all are measured slightly differently. One product uses less units while the other uses more. Both achieve the same result. Be assured though that the end cost works out to be the same.

As a guide to treat frown lines in females 30-50 units. Males usually require 1.5 times this amount for the same area.

Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) prohibits the advertising of prices for medical procedures. We are comparable in price to other providers and are happy to talk about pricing with you.